Un Libro (A Book)

This book invites children to explore the playful potential that any book has. It is a journey into the creative worlds that books can offer.

Ideal for those who love books... and the thousands of worlds and possibilities they open up to us. What does a book represent in your life?

"Even though it is the most recent one, I feel that in this book, I am discussing the relationship that develops between a reader and the book they are reading. It's not just about reading and how it can seep into one's life, but also how it can take them to other places, be shared, and enable them to discover things about themselves. It shows how a book can fall onto a reader's life like a complete piano and destroy it, but also rebuild it and transform it into a different person-Andrés López

Andrés López, Mexican author and illustrator, collaborates with digital and print magazines. He won first place in the Concurso Nacional de Cartel (2017) and first place in the Catálogo de Ilustradores (2018), organised by Mexico's Ministry of Culture. His work was selected for the IX Catálogo Iberoamericano de ilustración. He is among the winners of the 56th Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair (2022)

Un Libro book has been internationally awarded and translated to many languages 

What is a book?

"It can be a costume or a river, a clock going backward and back, and even a roar we have never heard before.

A book is an adventure and an answer to questions that had not yet come to mind." -Andrés López