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What is a lulo?

A lulo is a fruit that looks like an orange but isn’t an orange. Orange on the outside, green pulp on the inside, it has a complex citrus flavor with notes ranging from kiwi, pineapple, and rhubarb. The lulo is native to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru and its name originates from the Quechua language. Due to its delicacy, it is difficult to ship lulos and they can’t be grown in the U.S., making them hard to find in the states.

Like the elusive lulo, high quality authentic Spanish titles can also be difficult to source in the U.S. And so, Lulo Libros was born!

For over a decade, our sister company Custom Education Solutions has been committed to bringing high quality, authentic Spanish texts to our local school districts. We support dual language and bilingual education across the country, helping to build engaging Spanish and bilingual class libraries and offering robust mentor texts, science and social studies supplemental texts, and more.

Now, we are excited to offer those same great texts and services nationally! Our team sources the newest and best Spanish books by building relationships with both large and boutique children’s book publishers throughout Latin America, including Argentina, Chile, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala. One of our favorite parts of the year is attending the Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara. There, we get to speak with authors, sneak a peak at new and upcoming texts, and immerse ourselves joyously in Spanish literature. Check out the pictures below from our trips!

"Having grown up in a mixed cultural home, I was always trying to find a way to connect the language of my peers with the language of my mother. Our community didn’t understand my mother’s native tongue, which forced her to assimilate and hide her authentic self. Her secret tongue was for the home, which made me want to also hide that part of our lives. Language is more than a means to communicate; it is identity, connection to our heritage, and gives us a feeling of belonging. What a difference it would have made if there were safe spaces created for her to express her bilingualism and allow her to feel like she belonged wherever she went."

- Tatiana Taylor, Sales Consultant

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Lulo Libros at the Book Fair Guadalajara
Lulo Libros at the Book Fair Guadalajara
Lulo Libros at the Book Fair Guadalajara - Lindsey
Lulo Libros showbook event
Lulo Libros at the Book Fair Guadalajara
Lulo Libros at the Book Fair Guadalajara